It’s likely that many serious astrologers would willingly hail a storm of meteorites at me for what I’m about to say, but with Mercury on the 27th degree of Aquarius in trine to Uranus, square Moon in Taurus, sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius (ascending) and sinister sextile to my Pisces Sun – and we are talking exact degrees here not wide orbs – they will surely come to forgive me because they understand what all of that portends … Anyhow, enough astrobabble for the moment, let’s get on.

What do I think about astrology? When chatting with friends say over a drink or at dinner, if there is a newcomer to the scene someone will mention that I’m an astrologer. Eeek! I steel myself because I am about to trample their illusion and small hope of enlightenment by promptly informing that I don’t want to guess their Sun sign nor do I make predictions – that I don’t believe anyone can predict the future beyond putting a finger to the wind to tell which way it’s blowing. Correlating an alignment of planets to events here on earth is like making a weather forecast but, given the many factors involved in the becoming of any one event in a person’s life, plus any number of other persons and instances also in that equation, then accurately forecasting the weather is easier – red sky at night and all that.

However, I go on to explain that I have observed and can say from experience that people do uncannily manifest the expressions and qualities attributed to the planetary configurations of their natal chart – which is a lot more in depth than whether your Sun is in Leo or Scorpio – and this is when the ‘guess what I am’ game starts – groan! and there’s always one who wants to fight “I’m not typical Aries!” Fine, but it’s not just your Sun sign in the mix – where is your Moon? what is your Ascending Sign? which planet is your chart ruler?

Hand on heart, if you want to know yourself a little better then nothing beats a good understanding of the symbolism and the dynamics described by those planetary alignments at the event of your birth. It ‘s a very effective tool for self counselling. And that knowledge can lead to gaining an insight to the nature of others – especially their failings because, let’s face it, people are often disappointing. Well they are, aren’t they! And though you may not be able to bring yourself to completely forgive them their trespasses, the knowledge that their Saturn squares your Moon and they have a 7th house Mars at least helps you to be philosophical about it, even feel a tad of compassion for them. And such tolerance will, in the broader scheme of things, help in the move towards world peace. I’m all for spreading the word that people should familiarise themselves with the language of the symbols if only in the interests of world peace. Of course you learn some really useful personal stuff about your positive attributes and potentials as well as how to offset – the ‘knee jerk reaction big gun aimed at foot self sabotaging syndrome’. I’m sure we all know that one whether it manifests itself as reticence and lack of confidence or aggression and over confidence, or just plain apathy or antipathy – it depends on your dynamics. The thing is, whether it’s gobbledy gook or not, your astro chart gives you the opportunity to view yourself objectively within a given structure of accepted interpretations. Its the same as other elements we use to define time and space, like the days of the week – ie; we accept it’s Tuesday because the general consensus is that the day is Tuesday – everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet hence order out of chaos. And remember, astrological interpretations weren’t dreamt up last week or even in the latter part of this century. They are observations made over thousands of years by some very bright people. Aaah, ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio , than your philosophy ever dreamt’

Suffice it to say – (rising Jupiter in Sagittarius suggests that I tend to preach a bit!) – it never fails to amaze and humble me when I remind myself that our Sun is merely a teeny weeny dot in a galaxy of dots occupying a teeny weeny speccy place in the infinite time and space continuum of the universe’s particle evolvement cycle. Moreover, as David Attenborough’s fabulous series on the natural world shows; nature, as a totality of physical entities, creates unity and balance in all things – and this extends beyond planet earth and human intervention. Astrologers, like physicists, know the universe is wonderful not just think it is on a good day. We know it because we ‘deal with and relate’ to the extra terrestrial, and though we deal on different levels and for different purposes, the important thing is that both schools of inspired thought and investigation lead to a tangible sense of connection to, thus ‘feeling’ for, outer space and the vastness of the universal scheme. This in turn inspires a real sense of awe and respect that alleviates the drab oppression of the mundane and material to give one a love of life, a warm glow – and given the outrageous price of energy nowadays you need a warm glow in a cold climate. Naturally not everyone is born to be a physicist, but if you can read you can get to grips with astrological symbolism. It’s the start of a romantic and enlightening journey.

While not intended to instruct in the art of astrology, of how to draw and interpret a natal chart, the story of Follow the Sun will take you on a romantic journey through the sequence of the zodiac. By bringing the symbols of the Sun signs to life, the aim of Follow the Sun is to draw you beyond their traditional characteristics to give you a ‘sense’ of each and their interrelationships. The visual imagery of the narrative prompts your imagination to build on the allegory, finding layers of meanings behind the symbolism of each sign. This is done in a light-hearted way where you will gain an insight through being entertained.


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